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The NEXGEN Leadership Training Program is an 8-month curriculum designed to enhance the leadership skills and knowledge of high potential construction professionals throughout the program. Participants are focused on building relationships, personal and professional development, and industry engagement and awareness. Members of the NEXGEN class will gain knowledge and experience through leadership coaching industry specific content, and peer network.

The program content is realigned every year to ensure that the curriculum remains current and informed. Some next class topics: politics, construction, economic and workforce development, construction business development community involvement, and industry leader.

So to the promising leaders of tomorrow, the NEXGEN program is an avenue to spark leadership, teamwork and creative abilities through an array of industry based classes, leadership development and relationship building. With an ever growing alumni base, NEXGEN also provides an opportunity to grow your personal network, and your network within ABC. We want to thank you for your interest in the ABC Central Florida Chapter Leadership program, and look forward to helping you become our industry’s leaders of tomorrow.


The NEXGEN program runs from November 2020 – June 2021. Classes are held one day each month from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm at various locations throughout Central Florida. Each monthly session will include lunch, leadership coaching, industry specific content with relevant leaders and will end with a networking happy hour. NEXGEN participants are expected to attend all parts of each class.


 What is ABC
 Construction & Economic Drivers
► Becoming A Leader In Construction
► Business Development
► The Politics of Construction
► Understanding Construction Law
► Economic & Workforce Development
► Community Involvement


Participants, and their nominating supervisor, agree to adhere to the NEXGEN Leadership Training Program Rules of Engagement.

Attendance at all classes is encouraged. Participants who miss more than two (2) program days will be dropped without refund of tuition and nominating supervisor will be notified.

Cell phone and tablet/computer use during classes is prohibited.

The commitment to the NEXGEN program extends beyond the scheduled sessions and includes meeting in smaller groups outside of class and participating in leadership alumni events.


The application and supporting materials must be submitted by the application deadline date. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and the application deadline will not be extended. There is no cost to apply. The NEXGEN program fee is $995 per participant.

It is recommended that applicants utilize the application worksheet (see PDF below) to formulate and save their answers prior to submitting their application online.

The NEXGEN Committee will review all completed applications and selected applicants will proceed to the interview phase of the process. Once all interviews have been conducted, the NEXGEN Committee will select the class participants. Class size is limited to 30.

Application deadline is Thursday, September 17, 2020. Class participants will be selected by October 5, 2020.

► Session 1 – Nov. 19, 2020
► Session 2 – Dec. 10, 2020
► Session 3 – Jan. 14, 2021
► Session 4 – Feb. 18, 2021
► Session 5 – Mar. 25, 2021
► Session 6 – Apr. 22, 2021
► Session 7 – May 27, 2021
► Session 8 – Jun 24, 2021
► Graduation – To Be Announced


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