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Central Florida ABC is partnering with WagonheimU to bring more course offerings to chapter members. Watch this space for more details as program offerings are being developed. WagonheimU, created by ABC educational partner and construction attorney, Eliot Wagonheim, is an online learning platform geared towards construction professionals looking to minimize their risk and optimize their profits…by learning how to use every contract to their advantage.

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Contract Negotiation & Communication – Jan. 19, 2022
…Contracts have you walking through a minefield without a map?

Construction is a tough business. Margins can be tight. Standards are exacting. Risks can be incredibly high.

“The contracts that govern construction match the profile of the industry, and contractors that sign them, without truly understanding every facet of the agreement, are walking through a minefield without a map.”
– Eliot Wagonheim, WagonheimU 

Join this exclusive Central Florida ABC class led by Eliot Wagonheim, recently highlighted in Construction Executive Magazine as an extraordinary instructional provider in the construction industry.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for anyone tasked with the responsibility of contract review or negotiation. If you review and/or negotiate contracts, this workshop will be crucial to your success and that of your organization.

Workshop Take-Aways: 

  • Translate the legalese  
  • Understand the traps and terms that put their companies at risk  
  • Modify contracts in a way that the other side will accept  
  • Ensure payment, even for unsigned change orders  
  • Use negotiation techniques and strategies that protect companies and build relationships 

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