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The optimal system for helping managers get more done with less, improve the engagement and motivation of their people, handle increased task loads more effectively with less stress, and get better results. 

Delivered through the Virtual Conference Center, participants and ADEPT Leadership facilitators meet for bi-weekly 2-1/2 to 3 hour sessions that provide condensed, well-paced, live interaction. Integrated audio and web cam video allows for dynamic group discussion and workshop time. Groups are limited to 14 participants to insure effective participation and opportunities for dialogue and feedback. Customized discussion plans and individual support helps participants focus on the concepts and processes that are most beneficial to them.

Build On The Potential Of Your Highest Performers in this 8 Session Course

Session 1 
Becoming ADEPT
– Reviewing the attributes of effective leader
– Understanding timeless success principles
– Managing personal transformation
– Charting your individual course

Session 2
Getting Focused
– Reviewing how your time is used
– Understanding the power of focus
– Defining your focus areas
– Employing a management system

Session 3
Achieving Objectives
– Handling interruptions
– Managing communications and information
– Organizing your workspace
– Syncing your priority management system

Session 4 - May 8
Communicating for Results
– Reviewing the trap of assumptions
– Understanding the impact of your communication style
– Insuring you are understood
– Understanding and applying a listening model

Session 5
Strengthening Your Leadership Role
– Understanding team leadership
– Viewing your team from the balcony
– Evaluating your current roles
– Setting goals for leadership roles

Session 6
Improving Team Productivity
– Transforming compliance to commitment
– Understanding your team building attitude
– Developing the steps to empowerment
– Applying Situational Leadership

Session 7
Leveraging the Power of Feedback
– Understanding the significance of feedback
– Eliminating your feedback gaps
– Realizing the characteristics of effective feedback
– Practicing effective feedback

Session 8
Strategically Solving Problems
– Using a problem-solving matrix
– Getting to the root cause
– Tackling the problem strategically and practically
– Solving problems on the fly

Course Registration

Each Course is Limited to 14 – Don’t Delay

Next Course Start Date: May 22, 2023

Session dates
Session 1 - May 22
Session 2 - June 5
Session 3 - June 19
Session 4 - July 17
Session 5 - July 31
Session 6 - August 14
Session 7 - August 28
Session 8 - September 11


What makes this process unique?

Performance Intervals
Learning about managerial ideas without application is a waste of time and energy. This system allows you to engage in sessions over time with application intervals in between. Not only do you retain the ideas better, but you customize the application of those ideas directly on the job to improve performance.

Comprehensive Material
You’ll receive all the materials you need to fully engage in this process including:
– The ADEPT Leadership Workbook
– A full ADEPT Leadership® 360 feedback report
– Multiple leadership assessments
– Personality profile to apply to various topics
– A note taking portfolio
– Audio recordings of the material
– Access to a personal online fileserver to track your work
– Bi-weekly coach meetings
– Email access to your facilitator for communication

Action Assignments
Practical action assignments are completed and posted on our exclusive ADEPT web portal so they can be reviewed and evaluated by the facilitator and individual feedback can be provided.

Mentor Involvement
The participants’ supervisor is asked to meet with the participant regularly to monitor progress and reduce obstacles to them staying engaged. We provide an opening orientation and bi-weekly guides to help mentors stay on track with what participants are doing.


Improved Time Management
Authentic Leadership
Streamlined Organization & Prioritization
Enhanced Problem-Solving
Change & Growth Management Readiness
Increased Autonomy
Mutual Accountability
Engaged Motivation
Meaningful Relationship Building
Thoughtful Conflict Management
Better Work-Life Integration
Tangible Goal Setting


How does this process work?
You will participate in short sessions over a period of weeks. This promotes real learning and application. You will have a workbook that will be your guide for each session, to take notes and provide the assignments. Through the use of multiple assessments, you will customize the process for your unique challenges and focus your efforts on the areas of improvement that are most important to you.

The assignments are given so you can apply the ideas immediately in the two weeks between the sessions. They are practical, designed to help you work “on” your business so you can be more effective working “in” it.

I’m already busy, how much work is there?
Like anything else, you will get out of it what you put into it. Typically, most people spend about 3 hours per week, or 7.5% of a 40-hour work week. Adept clients say that after 3-4 sessions they’ve already saved that amount of time in increased efficiencies by applying the ideas and working “on” their business.

What happens if I miss a session?
The assignments between the sessions will help you stay on course. To qualify for graduation, no more than two absences are permitted. You’ll be asked to notify the facilitator ahead of time when possible and make arrangements to obtain any additional instructions you missed.

Will you tell me what I need to do to improve?
The Adept system will guide you to uncover the areas that are personally most important for you to address to improve performance. Then you will be guided along the way to apply the appropriate parts of the system to improve in those areas.

43% of Graduates Grew Into Positions of More Responsibility

and they reported significant improvements to International Speedway Corporation’s bottom line and work environment.  NASCAR

INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY CORPORATION (ISC) “In eight years, approximately 20 percent of our workforce has participated in ADEPT Leadership®, with over half of them utilizing the ‘live online’ method. This has proven to be a great solution for our remote work teams across the country. We pride ourselves on promoting from within, and 43 percent of our ADEPT graduates have grown into positions with greater responsibility. We continue to invest in ADEPT because we value its training and believe we realize a significant positive impact on our bottom line and improvement to the overall health of ISC’s work environment.”
JOHN SAUNDERS President, International Speedway Corporation

We believe we've saved 10 times our investment in just 4 months

Overall cost savings of $24.1 million that translates into an 8.9 times return on investment. T-MOBILE

“Our entire management team has participated in ADEPT Leadership® training. We believe we’ve saved 10 times our investment in just four months. Our team has realized greater individual productivity, improved collaboration and increased employee empowerment. I’ve engaged ADEPT to work with my teams for almost 15 years and I continue to be amazed by my ROI.”

BRYAN FLEMING Vice President, Technical Systems and Business Operations, T-Mobile

Our meetings are now short, focused
and much more effective.

Reported fewer complaints, improved customer approval scores, increased productivity, and more focused, effective meetings. THOMSON REUTERS

“ADEPT Leadership® has become a part of our vocabulary here in User Services. Our meetings are now short, focused and much more effective. Our teams are receiving fewer complaints and grievances, all while seeing increased productivity and improved customer approval scores. In addition we now have a common framework to evaluate how well we’re staying ADEPT!”

JENNIFER RIGGS Director (User Services), Thomson Reuters

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